24V 160W UPS LiFePO4

24V 160W Battery UPS, USB, Relais signal outputs

Note: MOQ is 10 pcs.

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10A UPSU 24V B

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24V 160W UPS LiFePO4 1000 -CHF 4'081.00
24V 160W UPS LiFePO4 100 -CHF 4'040.00
24V 160W UPS LiFePO4 50 -CHF 4'015.00
24V 160W UPS LiFePO4 20 -CHF 3'985.00
24V 160W UPS LiFePO4 10 -CHF 3'915.00

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  • Also available with Ultracapacitors as energy storage and as 12V variant and in DIN-Rail case
  • Batteries (LiFePO4) are already assembled, no additional Battery-Pack required
  • 24V DC in and out
  • 160W out
  • USB for monitoring
  • Relais signal outputs: Power failed and low capacity signal
  • PC104 form factor (95.89 x 90.17 mm)
  • See www.10a-upsu.com for more informations about 10A UPSU
  • See datasheet for detail specifications



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